Does Cuban coffee increase the stress level?

According to a report by Babylon Health, Hialeah is ranked as the most stressed city in the country.  The study is based on the percentage of tweets (via Twitter) that are classified as stressed.  According to the report, 13.03% of tweets from Hialeah are “Stressed Tweets.”

Hialeah was the only Florida city to make the top 10 most stressed cities.  The remaining cities in the top 10 are from California, Nevada, Arizona, and Ohio.

By comparison, Miami, Florida was ranked 87th most stressed city with 9.21% of tweets categorized as stressed.

Are we shocked by this?  Claro que no.  I mean, have you ever driven through Hialeah?  Las come mierdurias que pasan el la calle es constante.

So we thought this would be a great idea to share some tips on reducing stress.  But who the heck are we kidding.  We’re just as stressed as you are.

So here are what some of the top “experts” recommend for stress relief:

Of course, we do have one recommendation.  Get out of Hialeah and drive 20 minutes to la playa and cojelo con el take it easy.  Coño!



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